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Hello! I’m Victor Carvalho Tavernari, an experienced Mobile Engineer who embarked on this journey back in 2008, when my curiosity led me to start creating websites. That early taste of the tech world inspired me to switch my focus from Business School to development. Since then, my career has been a fascinating journey of learning and growth. I’ve tackled various challenges, expanded my skillset, and contributed to unique projects that blend technology with aspects of life such as faith. Throughout my career, I’ve learned from industry leaders and shared my own knowledge with others. As I continue in this field, I eagerly anticipate each new opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the ever-evolving world of technology.

🧰 Technical Expertise

In my career, I’ve honed my skills in iOS (Swift/Objective-C) and React Native development, experimented with game development in HTML5 and Unity3D, and built robust backend services using Node.js and Firebase tools like Functions, Firestore, Messaging, and Authentication. My explorations also span Python scripting, Android development in Kotlin, and blockchain applications with Solidity and web3.

📓 Posts

📋 09/02/2024 Optimizing Data Storage in Swift: Insights from AppleTV HD and iPhone 12 Pro Benchmarks

Delve into the nuances of data storage performance across different Swift storage solutions with our comprehensive benchmark study on AppleTV HD and iPhone 12 Pro. This analysis sheds light on the efficiency of various storage methods, highlighting GRDB-based solutions’ superiority for JSON data handling. Whether you’re a seasoned Swift developer or just starting, understanding these performance benchmarks can significantly influence your app’s responsiveness and user experience. Uncover the key to optimizing your Swift applications by choosing the right data storage method with our detailed examination.

📋 02/12/2023 Advanced User Interface Design in Swift: A Comparative Study

Explore the frontier of user interface design in Swift with our in-depth comparative study. This analysis goes beyond the basics, examining cutting-edge UI frameworks and design patterns across various Apple platforms, including the latest iPhone models and AppleTV. Discover how advanced UI techniques can enhance interactivity, improve user engagement, and elevate the overall design aesthetic of your Swift applications. Whether you’re aiming to refine the user experience or integrate innovative UI elements, our study provides valuable insights and practical examples to guide your design journey.

📋 22/11/2023 Swift 6: Embarking on a New Adventure in App Development

Explore the future of app development with our latest insights on Swift 6. This groundbreaking update promises to revolutionize the Swift programming landscape, offering enhanced capabilities, improved user experience, and expanded reach beyond Apple’s ecosystem. Perfect for both seasoned developers and newcomers, Swift 6 marks a significant step in making coding more accessible and enjoyable. Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth look at what Swift 6 has in store.

📋 07/11/2023 Exploring Concurrency in Swift: Actors vs. Queues

Delve into the essential principles of concurrency in Swift with our in-depth comparison of actors and queues. This article illuminates the distinct roles these two strategies play in managing shared resources and preventing data races. Discover the unique advantages of employing actors for safeguarding data integrity and queues for task management. Tailored for developers aiming to enhance their proficiency in Swift’s concurrency mechanisms, the post offers crucial insights to help you judiciously choose the appropriate tool for your coding challenges.

📋 23/03/2023 Say Goodbye to Clunky String Searches with StringContainsOperators

Dive into our new post that introduces you to StringContainsOperators, a Swift library designed to simplify string searches. If you’ve struggled with the native method for checking if a string contains multiple substrings, this tutorial is for you. Learn how StringContainsOperators provides custom infix operators and predicates, helping you create complex and flexible search patterns in a concise and readable manner. This guide will assist in transforming your string search code from clunky and complex to clean and efficient. Start making your string searches in Swift more maintainable and easier to handle.

📋 15/02/2023 Streamline Your Swift Code with DIContainer Swift: The Lightweight Dependency Injection Container You Can’t Live Without

Explore our latest post on streamlining your Swift code with DIContainer Swift, a lightweight and user-friendly dependency injection container. Understand the benefits of dependency injection, how to register and resolve dependencies with DIContainer, and how to use property wrappers for easy injection. This guide will help both beginners and seasoned developers to manage dependencies efficiently, making their code more modular, testable, and maintainable.

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